Geometric Tribal Leather Clutch

This baby was a real labour of love. I had spotted a tribal print bag online somewhere and thought it would be a fab idea to try the same with crochet so I set about giving some tapestry crochet a go.

Firstly I created my design on the computer and then printed it out to work from while writing out the pattern as I went! 

It took a while I’m not going to lie and there was a few tangled moments where I was working with 3 colours joined at once but the finished item was more than worth it.

I worked on the bag in two pieces and joined the panels at the end so then I had to decide on a zip or flap. A leather flap seemed the obvious choice but it took me a good few weeks to hunt down a supplier of leather big enough for the bag but also not sold by the meter (slight overkill for 1 bag I think!) however once in my possession the bag was finished off in an hour.

I’ve seen quite a few crochet/leather tutorials and most seem to work on the basis of joining your crochet to the leather first and then working up your bag from there but I had done things backwards plus I wanted the leather to fold over from slightly further down the back so I have figured out my own method. 

A button pinched from my stash finishes this bag off perfectly.

I love the contrast of the colours and the bold design. I’m even impressed that the inside of the leather matches the mustard yarn πŸ˜€

This bag will be getting a lot of use over the summer. Its soft, stylish and big enough to fit a tablet, phone, keys or anything else you need in there. If you want to make your own the pattern is now listed here for you!

Happy Making 

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