Dinosaur Hooded Scarves

Lately it seems like I’ve made lots of typically ‘girly’ makes so I decided it was time to focus on something a bit different.

Miss P loves unicorns, mermaids and pink fluffy things but she also loves cars, monsters and dinosaurs so they needed to feature in my work too!

The unicorn hooded scarf has been a brilliant seller since it was released and it’s a fab pattern designed by The Velvet Acorn. You can see why when it’s so fun but still fabulously functional.

It seemed like an obvious choice therefore, to make a dinosaur version!

The horn, ears and mane have been swapped out for Dino spikes in a fab teal colour and the pockets kept simple and tassel free.

It’s been a big hit with the little lady already and is so perfectly snuggly. We’re now fully set for the colder weather once summer is over.

The hood is listed in my shop already and there are a few colour choices to pick from.

I hope you all love this as much as we do.

A mammoth cake

August is a month of birthdays in this household. Mine is at the end but the man of the house has his at the beginning.
I've been so manically busy with crochet makes lately that it was quite nice to take a change of pace and focus on something else. In this case it was baking!

The man folk having a birthday could mean only one thing…. a homemade birthday cake. An Oreo chocolate drip cake to be precise.

I used the fab recipe by Jane's Patisserie but only did 2 layers rather than 3 as it would have made just too much cake for us (despite what the other half will tell you!).

It's far from perfect and I had a few nozzle issues resulting in less thin and delicate drips than I'd hoped but blooming eck did it taste oh so good!

The cake comes out really moist and the buttercream has Oreos crumbled in so it's truly decadent.

We will be celebrating properly this weekend as a family but in the meantime this cake was just the trick and a roaring success.

On a slightly separate note anyone planning on buying a snazzy star sparkler for their cake as seen in the pic, a little tip for you to avoid some serious anticlimactic waiting… pre flame the section you plan to light it from and stick to that part. It may have taken a good while to get this thing lit 😂

Kids Ice Cream Bag

I’ve got bag fever! Now I’ve started I just can’t stop. 

This time round I’ve made a box bag with a fab ice cream print faux leather. I am absolutely loving the bold mustard t-shirt yarn but it had quite a bit of stretch to it which made it a little harder to keep a neat box shape once I’d sewn the pieces together.

I added straps to the bag after taking pictures as I couldn’t decide what to do but in the end I did them exactly as per the Panda Bag.

The best thing about this bag though is that it fits 3 balls of Paintbox cotton yarn in perfectly!! 

As always you can get your little paws on the pattern here and it’s another one with endless possibilities for colour combos and patterns. Don’t forget to share your makes by tagging me as I love to see them. 

Kids Panda Bag

I am absolutely loving all the faux leather I have found. It took me weeks to find a decent supplier of smaller quantities of tan leather for the tribal bag and once I did a whole selection of possibilities was opened up! 

I ordered a few little samples and as soon as they arrived bag ideas flew out of my head. The first of which was this cute kids Panda Bag. Its bold, bright and really fun. Plus if you want you can just make the shoulder strap longer and its a small adult bag too! 

Its made with chunky t-shirt yarn so durable and works up super quick. A perfect evening project and the bag would make a fantastic gift for any little lady. 

The pattern is listed here for just a few of your pennies. The best thing is this design could work with so many colour combos and patterns. Have fun experimenting. 

You could even leave off the strap and have yourself a fun little clutch purse! The possibilities are endless…

Wool Ball Stitch Markers

I came into some Fimo clay recently and knew right away I wanted to make some funky stitch markers. I already had hooks and clips in my stash so it was just a case of deciding on a design.

Seeing as wool and stitch markers go hand in hand it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make little balls of wool, and not one to shy away from a chance to play with rainbows I used every colour to make a full set.

These were so simple to make and once the balls were made it was just a case of popping the hoop into the top and baking them till cured, making them nice and hard. 

I’ve listed this in my etsy shop if you want to skip the hassle and buy them instead 😊 They would make the perfect gift for a yarn lover! 

I also couldn’t resist making a watermelon and pineapple set. 

This set is a little rough around the edges but I’ve been perfecting them recently. 

Geometric Tribal Leather Clutch

This baby was a real labour of love. I had spotted a tribal print bag online somewhere and thought it would be a fab idea to try the same with crochet so I set about giving some tapestry crochet a go.

Firstly I created my design on the computer and then printed it out to work from while writing out the pattern as I went! 

It took a while I’m not going to lie and there was a few tangled moments where I was working with 3 colours joined at once but the finished item was more than worth it.

I worked on the bag in two pieces and joined the panels at the end so then I had to decide on a zip or flap. A leather flap seemed the obvious choice but it took me a good few weeks to hunt down a supplier of leather big enough for the bag but also not sold by the meter (slight overkill for 1 bag I think!) however once in my possession the bag was finished off in an hour.

I’ve seen quite a few crochet/leather tutorials and most seem to work on the basis of joining your crochet to the leather first and then working up your bag from there but I had done things backwards plus I wanted the leather to fold over from slightly further down the back so I have figured out my own method. 

A button pinched from my stash finishes this bag off perfectly.

I love the contrast of the colours and the bold design. I’m even impressed that the inside of the leather matches the mustard yarn 😀

This bag will be getting a lot of use over the summer. Its soft, stylish and big enough to fit a tablet, phone, keys or anything else you need in there. If you want to make your own the pattern is now listed here for you!

Happy Making 

Puff Stitch Cowl

I brought 3 Caron cake as soon as they were available in the UK as I’d been desperate to give them a go for months only to finally receive them and have no clue what to make, so all 3 have sat on my shelf waiting for inspiration to strike since.

I knew without doubt that the rainbow sherbet cake I had needed to be used to make something for the little lady of the house as it was such fun bold kiddie colours. After browsing Pinterest for ideas hoping something might pop into my head I finally decided a scarf or cowl would be the best bet as I only had one cake to work with.

I wanted something with lots of texture to it and something fun so the puff stitch was called into action!

There is no subtle colour changes with Caron Cakes so you get nice bold thick stripes.

I worked back and forth in rows creating a zig zag effect with the puffs and it worked out to be the perfect length wrapping twice around for the tiny human and even fits me with one wrap 😉

Puff stitches use quite a lot of yarn but they do make a really soft and squishy item that drapes and folds beautifully when worn.

The pattern is available here if you want to make your own but for now I am going to just sit and admire these fabulously bright colours!